Friday, 6 June 2014

Sangeetha Mobiles: User experience

We bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 few months back for my husband from Sangeetha Mobiles and were extremely happy. However, our happiness lasted few days when we discovered the instrument was facing some problem as there was serious call dropping issues.

The equipment also required a micro-sim and since there was an option to cut the previous sim and use, so we did that. 

When the call dropping problem started, we thought it might be due to the sim. So, one fine day, we went to the Vodafone store and took a micro-sim. But, the problem still persisted. Moreover, we asked our other friends too who were the owners of Samsung Galaxy S3 but found out nobody was facing any such issue.

We were thinking what to do as the next option was getting the instrument checked or replaced if possible as it was well within the warranty period. We called up Sangeetha Mobiles as we thought it is better to first contact the dealer than the mobile manufacturer because the dealer was our first contact.

We had full hopes that Sangeetha mobiles will raise up their hands and will only tell us to contact Samsung. However, contrary to our hopes, they not only attended to our complaint but also sent their representative to our house for picking up the phone. The Sangeetha representative took the phone from the house itself and registered the complaint. He gave us a time frame and came back by that date with the phone and the upgraded software. The experience was really good as we did not hope that a dealer will help us so much.

This was our second buy from Sangeetha mobiles and it was really worth it. They have really good staff and service. I recommend Sangeetha Mobiles for your every mobile need. 


Pragya Banerjee
MBA (Finance); 7+ years of work experience