Friday, 6 June 2014

Sangeetha Mobiles: User experience

We bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 few months back for my husband from Sangeetha Mobiles and were extremely happy. However, our happiness lasted few days when we discovered the instrument was facing some problem as there was serious call dropping issues.

The equipment also required a micro-sim and since there was an option to cut the previous sim and use, so we did that. 

When the call dropping problem started, we thought it might be due to the sim. So, one fine day, we went to the Vodafone store and took a micro-sim. But, the problem still persisted. Moreover, we asked our other friends too who were the owners of Samsung Galaxy S3 but found out nobody was facing any such issue.

We were thinking what to do as the next option was getting the instrument checked or replaced if possible as it was well within the warranty period. We called up Sangeetha Mobiles as we thought it is better to first contact the dealer than the mobile manufacturer because the dealer was our first contact.

We had full hopes that Sangeetha mobiles will raise up their hands and will only tell us to contact Samsung. However, contrary to our hopes, they not only attended to our complaint but also sent their representative to our house for picking up the phone. The Sangeetha representative took the phone from the house itself and registered the complaint. He gave us a time frame and came back by that date with the phone and the upgraded software. The experience was really good as we did not hope that a dealer will help us so much.

This was our second buy from Sangeetha mobiles and it was really worth it. They have really good staff and service. I recommend Sangeetha Mobiles for your every mobile need. 


Pragya Banerjee
MBA (Finance); 7+ years of work experience

Thursday, 10 April 2014

GATI - Very bad Courier Service

Product: Symphony Hi!Cool Air Cooler
Ordered from:
Courier Service: GATI

This is regarding a Symphony Air Cooler we ordered from Snapdeal, an online shopping website,on March 31st, 2014, Monday. It was mentioned on the Snapdeal's website that it will be despatched in 3 business days, i.e. Thursday. So, we thought that maximum it will reach us by Saturday. 

After 2 days, we got a message from Snapdeal stating that the material is despatched from Delhi through a Courier Service GATI (meaning 'Speed' in hindi) and it will definitely reach us by April 7th, 2014, Monday. We are regular online shoppers but this was the first time we were shopping from Snapdeal. Also, never ever has any product taken so long to come especially by Flipkart, where the product is delivered much before the due date.

We thought since this was an electronic item, may be thats why the long time. But, our shocker came on April 7th, 2014, the committed date by Snapdeal for delivery, when after contacting GATI, they said the shipment has already reached Hyderabad North on April 6th, 2014 but it can't be delivered before April 9th, 2014 because they don't have vehicle !!! Three days the shipment was supposed to lie and rotten in GATI's godown at the city of delivery, just because they can't arrange for a vehicle? AND THEY CALL THEMSELVES INDIA'S PIONEER IN EXPRESS DISTRIBUTION AND SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS.... how do they do this... without a vehicle???

This was not all. When contacting Snapdeal's Call Centre again, they reiterated that as per their system, the Air Cooler should be delivered on April 7th, 2014. Again, GATI said April 9th, 2014. There was definitely a big communication gap between both the service providers but none was able to give a solution and was passing the buck on the other. Snapdeal said that they have handed over the product to GATI on April 2nd, 2014. So, does it take 5 days for the shipment to get couriered from Delhi to Hyderabad, by a so-claimed leading Courier company. How were they bringing... by BUS?

In all this poor business communication between Snapdeal and GATI, it was us, the customer, who was getting frustrated. But, one thing we were satisfied with and that was we had not paid the money for the Air Cooler yet and it was a 'Cash on Delivery' order. So, our money was not stuck.

But, because of the extreme heat conditions happening in Hyderabad, we were just not ready to wait one more day. We clearly told GATI Call Centre representatives on April 7th, 2014 that we want the Air cooler the same day, as was promised by Snapdeal, otherwise we will not accept the order. 

May be because of our threatening to cancel the order, we got a call from GATI's delivery boy the next day morning, April 8th, 2014, saying that he will deliver the Air Cooler by 1400 hrs that day. So, we thought to accept it if it comes by that time. 

But, we kept waiting-and-waiting and nobody turned up. When we called the delivery person at 1700 hrs to ask his whereabouts, he didn't receive the call.

Frustrated by the bad service, we looked for Symphony Air Coolers dealers on internet and found one near our locality Ameerpet, Pragati Enterprises. To our luck, he said that he has the product ready and he will directly send it through his person. We don't even have to come to his shop. 

So, in the end, GATI person never turned up but the delivery boy from Pragati Enterprises came within half-an-hour. This shows that these so-called brands like 'Snapdeal' and 'GATI' are just big names. It is still the local corner electronics shop vendor which comes to our rescue in times like these. 

After about an hour, we got a message from GATI saying that on our orders, the shipment was being redirected!!! Orders... what orders.... we never gave any? 

The most humorous part happened on April 10th, 2014 when again we got a call from GATI Couriers asking whether we want the delivery!!! By that time,we had already purchased the Air Cooler from Pragati Enterprises and said NO. The GATI courier person on the other side sounded really happy after hearing that. He must have been relieved that one work is less. 

Because of the poor experience from GATI, I am scared to even shop from Snapdeal now, as they have GATI as their courier service.

My suggestion to GATI - If you can't be good at your work, please shut the shop.

My suggestion to Snapdeal - Please remove GATI as your courier service provider and decrease the communication gap between yours and your partner's systems and Call Centre representatives. Please don't let the customer suffer because he has trusted you.

Complaints for GATI from other customers:

It seems I am not the only one. Here is a sneak peek of some other complaints about GATI I found on the net:

1) I had ordered a few books from which they sent through this courier company. The books had reached the destination on the 11th and they were delivered 3 days later. I lost my sleep and patience.

Please DON’T EVER go to this courier company. The staff is highly irresponsible and the customer service of this company is simply USELESS.

2) Never buy anything from an ecom site that is delivered by GATI. You will not get the delivery. The status updated will be completely wrong. Customer Care have no clue but always say only one sentence 'Sorry for the inconvenience’. They can say this all day long. I spent 3 hours over 3 days to just speak to them and make them work. 

But they are horrible. .....Now the courier is lying in GATI"s godown. HELL

3) A very disgusting service from Gati. I had my product available with them on 13 Nov and its been 23 Nov and they have not yet delivered it to my house. I raised a complaint but of no use. I have been promised a new date and not yet got the delivery. Please do not go to Gati if you want you stuff to be delivered on time.

4) Dear All,

Its my humble request not to select Gati Movers and Packers services for any purpose. These people are liars and cheaters. They quote something, they have something. They deliver too late, u can imagine the condition of your shipment.

Also many materials on the missing list. Please don’t use Gati Services.

5) I had ordered something from an online shop in India. Gati’s website is showing 3 delivery failures against a parcel scheduled to deliver to me - Once due to office/residence closed, then due to network failure and one due to address not found. All 3 bogus reasons because the Gati office is right across our street so no reason for them not to locate the address.

Not a single person visited our apartment once. No one responded to my complaints and a girl called Neha on the online chat, told me a bunch of lies including "Technical problems because of which she was unable to track my order (the fact: I could track it on another window on Gati’s website at the same time)", etc. Anyway, when I called my vendor and they applied some pressure on Gati to which Gati said that they will deliver at 11 am - my mom waited till 2 pm and none of these jokers showed up. Better still, they did not pick up any calls. Anyway, it was NOT a pleasure doing business with Gati.


Pragya Banerjee
MBA (Finance); 7+ years of work experience

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Foodcourt - GVK One Mall, Hyderabad

Location: Foodcourt, GVK One Mall
City: Hyderabad

What's with the cleaning staff of the Food Court 'Feastivites' of GVK One Mall, Hyderabad? They seem to be obsessed by cleaning.

On one of our dinner one fine day in GVK One Mall, Hyderabad, we took our meal from a North Indian counter 'Dilli Galli' and sat in one of the corners of the foodcourt. The cleaning staff of the foodcourt who looked outsourced in their green uniforms, was seen moving around so often. Since it was just around 2000 hrs, not many customers were there. But, the cleaning staff was moving around so much that they there seemed to be so many people around.

We took a table at one of the corners, from where the 70" TV screen was clearly visible which the GVK Mall Management had put up presumably because of T20 World Cup going on in Bangladesh. It was a match between Sri Lanka and England running.

We were happily eating when I wanted to get up to get the water bottle. There must have been a staff watching us and overexcited as he seemed, he jumped towards us as-soon-as I got up. My husband was clearly eating and there was lot of food on the table also which he didn't obviously notice in his excitement. He jumped towards us and asked if he can clear the table !!!

It was really irritating and incourteous from any staff to ask to clear the table when the guest is still eating. It was clear oversightedness of the staff and we honestly felt like getting up and going out while complaining about him on the way.

But, we restrained ourselves by just scolding him a little. My husband was seemingly irritated and all the happiness he got by seeing the cricket running live on the wide screen outside home faded away.

On the other hand, I don't fully blame the staff for his kind of behaviour. It just shows the kind of training he has got from his company who would have just trained him like a robot to run to clear the table as-soon-as the guest gets up. They have clearly not trained them to notice the table and decide if the guest has really finished or not.

Please companies, give us the service for which you charge the exorbitant prices. We don't want to pay for the careless attitudes of your staffs. Spend some amount of the money which you are charging from us on the proper training and grooming of your staff. Even if you are training them, it clearly is not enough. 

You obviously need to be more focussed. 


Pragya Banerjee
MBA (Finance); 7+ years of work experience

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Review - KFC Somajiguda, Hyderabad Store

I went to KFC Somajiguda, Hyderabad, India yesterday for lunch with my husband. Despite my love for KFC as the best snacks joint, I got another reason to love and respect it. 

Both me and my husband were astonished to find a deaf & dumb employee working at the front end, taking orders and counting bills in KFC.

We thought that it may be just one employee. But, my respect increased further when I saw another KFC staff running here & there and serving people. 

I wanted another plate for myself and I called one staff. He came running. I told the staff to bring a plate and made a gesture. At this time, I didn't know that he can not hear. He understood and came back with the plate very fast.

Second time I wanted to get something parcelled and again called him. He came. Now, I was telling him to parcel but probably he couldn't understand. That's when I came to know that he also can not hear. My husband made a gesture to him for parcel & he understood.

All this made me learn one thing. No physical deficiency can stop oneself from leading a normal life if he or she has the will.

Also, in this world, where companies are only concerned about making big money and increasing profit margins, are laying off employees giving illogical reasons and paying little thoughts to human values & corporate responsibilities, there still exist companies like KFC who are employing specially abled people & winning everyone's heart. 

Thanks KFC for doing this gesture. I have been really touched and I am sure so will be many others. Keep up with the good work. Hats off to you for this. 


Pragya Banerjee
MBA (Finance); 7+ years of work experience

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